Validation was a New York area rock band that played a wide variety of styles ranging from hard rock, punk, blues, reggae, and more.
Validation featured the amazing vocal talent and superlative songwriting of Val Kinzler, who plays keyboards and guitar. Jimmy Guns on lead guitar is former member of the NYC rock bands Dirty Pillows, Guns Religion and Money, and currently is Rew Starr's guitar player on her European tours. Jimmy can also be seen in the NYC rock band Snake Monsters. Augie Real, also in Snake Monsters, played Bass. Mick Oakleaf was on drums and co-production and has many credits including former Tech/Engineer at Sony Music Studios. Formed in late 2011, Validation played shows at venues including the RBar, The Delancey, Otto's Shrunken Head, Bowery Electric, Wicked Willy's, Uncle Mike's, Gizzi's, Zirzamin, Dingbatz, Goodbye Blue Monday, Hank's Salon, The Parkside Lounge, Roxy & Dukes, and others. Validation was blessed with guest appearances by Liz Taub on Violin (live), Tom Fitzpatrick on Bass (studio), Jill Wisoff on bass (live and studio), blues guitarist, Popa Chubby (studio).

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